Jypsy Rose

Jypsy Rose has the gift for creating sacred space to journey into the realms of deep peace and inner wisdom.

Her voice carries you inward to a  time and place to breathe deeply, nourish your body and awaken your spirit.

With Jyspy Rose's inspired guidance, all your senses will come alive so you can live  your true authentic self with passion, purpose, love and trust.

Believe , Be Inspired, Breathe



The mission of Jypsy Rose is to create a welcoming, calming atmosphere of knowledge, trust and inner peace. To encourage students to find their own inner strength, wisdom that sets the tone for their journey.

In the spirit of this mission , I am here to enable you with the tools and different modalities of enlightenment to attain your goals.

I am humbled that you allow me to be part of your journey.


Vision Statment

To empower each and every person to experience the wholeness of a healthy body , the peace of a focused mind and the joy of the soul.

 Allow the time to be present in yourself and reach a graceful acceptance of your true authentic self. By listening to your body, mind, and spirit.

Believe Be Inspired Breathe

Jyspy Rose

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